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Dec 14 (y-o-y): Total trade -1.1% & NODX +2.3%               Jan 15 (y-o-y): Total trade -7.2% & NODX +4.3%               Feb 15 (y-o-y): Total trade -18.2% & NODX -9.7%              The latest data for the month - February 2015              
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Total trade (y-o-y) contracted by 18.2 per cent

1) Kindly note that this website only accept VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards.

2) In tandem with the use of a new set of tariff codes for the classification of all goods traded within and outside ASEAN from January 2012 onwards i.e. ASEAN Harmonised Tariff Nomenclature (AHTN) 2012, IE Singapore has also reviewed and revised Singapore’s International Trade Classification (SITC) from revision 4 to revision 4.1 so that the mappings from AHTN 2012 codes to SITC codes are current. The revised SITC codes follow closely to the United Nations Statistical Commission’s Standard International Trade Classification, Revision 4 manual. The electronics definition has also been revised to include disk media products which are previously classified under non-electronics. Data prior to 1999 are based on SITC 3 while data from 1999 onwards are based on SITC 4.1.